Product Catalogue
SCHAEFER North America

Exclusive Elevator Indicators

GlassLine Indicators


Round button RT 42

Elliptical button EB 42

Vandal resistant button VB 42 / VB 42 M

Vandal resistant button VB 42 Class 3+

Mid-size button B 45 R/Q

XL button B 50 R/Q

Homelift button MT 42

Protection against vandalism
in elevators

Emergency communication systems according to ASME A17.1-2019 / CSA B44:19

RFQ Form / Instructions

RFQ Form

COP Installation with use of template cut-out and back box mounting brackets

Data sheets

Mounting Toos

FEO Cabinet

Service Cabinet for COPs


Key Switch KS 42 / KS 45

Locks for Cabinets and COPs

Toggle Switches


Screw mount COP Dimension

Hinge mount COP 254x1540 mm Dimension

Hinge mount COP 320x1540 mm Dimension

Hinge mount COP 350x1540 mm Dimension