B 50 NA / D 50 NA 


A prominent housing rim in balanced combination with slightly convex surfaces and a considerable lateral length or diameter of 58 mm give the Style 50 its distinctive character. Illumination by LEDs is the standard. A luminous rim or an entirely lit surface for luminous indicators with plastic plate, comes in red light or in blue, green, amber or white LED lighting. In addition to the excellent ergonomics the simple installation, compliance with EN 81‑20/EN 81‑70 and optional water and protection are further key qualities. B 50 is even available as a “real tough guy” with a probably almost unrivalled resistance against vandalism. Branded with the SCHAEFER term “Class 3+”, the B 50 comes in an especially reinforced design which offers more distinct protection against willful destruction than required by EN 81‑71 Class 2.

  • Large-size XL pushbutton and indicator series with outer dimensions of 58 mm [2.283″]
  • Optionally: pushbuttons with protection against water and vandalism according to EN 81‑72 Class 2 or SCHAEFER Class 3+
  • Pushbuttons in 3-wire (VIII) or 4-wire (IX) technology
  • Standard or bicolor acknowledgement lighting
  • 5 standard colors of choice and 5 bicolor combinations
  • Studless mounting via plastic nut


Pushbutton B 50 R NA

Pushbutton B 50 Q NA

Indicator D 50 Q NA



B 50 Q / D 50 Q (square)

B 50 R / D 50 R (round)


XL button B 50 R/Q