MT 42 NA / MA 42 NA

Square, handy and classic

This is what characterises the button type MT 42 excellently. Thanks to its square shape, it perfectly suits any elevator and adds to a classy impression. The matching indicators in various designs complement the harmonious overall appearance and offer enough space for adding special signs and symbols.

The button type MT 42 helps creating fixtures with clear lines. Thanks to a multitude of combinations including basic button elements, material, recall light, marking options or matching components, this modern design fits in everyday settings or even the most sophisticated surroundings.

  • Thanks to their square shape the pushbuttons and indicators perfectly suits any elevator and adds to a classy impression
  • Ideally suited for homelift applications
  • Studless mounting via clip
  • Multi-Volt LEDs
  • Standard or bicolor acknowledgement lighting
  • 2M pushbutton with two contacts (SPST (NO) and SPDT) available


Pushbutton MT 42 NA

Indicator MA 42 NA




Homelift button MT 42