RT 42 NA / RA 42 NA 


This pushbutton and indicator series have been designed as a flexible, all purpose solution, ideal for all elevator installations. The components can be easily mounted to the faceplate without welding studs. A great variety of options is available for customization.

Manifold combinations of basic element, material, recall light and marking options as well as a variety of matching products of the same style add to the vast choice within this pushbutton and indicator series. The pushbuttons RT 42 IX NA and indicators RA 42 IX NA have a large screw terminal and are available as multivolt versions 12 – 120 V DC/30 – 120 V AC with expanded voltage range or 6 V DC. As a result, they are above all suitable for unproblematic exchange in service operation and for use in modernisation.

  • Popular standard sized pushbutton and indicator series fitting a 32.5 mm [1.280″] diameter cutout
  • Studless mounting via locking ring
  • Multi-Volt LEDs
  • Standard or bicolor acknowledgement lighting
  • 2M pushbutton with two contacts (SPST (NO) and SPDT) available


Pushbutton RT 42 bicolor NA
with polished chrome housing rim

Pushbutton RT 42 NA
with polished chrome housing rim

Indicator RA 42 NA
with symbol




Round button RT 42