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We are set up with our state of the art machinery to manufacture locally the fixtures you need for your projects! SCHAEFER provides you with standard and customized fixtures for installations ranging from simple to highly complex projects – our team makes sure that the fixtures are not just meeting the code, are easy to install and maintain but also have an appealing look.

Fill out the RFQ form or provide us with the specs so that we get started to work on the perfect layout of the required fixtures!

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Hallstations are available as surface and flush mounted versions for your modernizations or new builds. In-house laser marking and engraving allow for customized options in English, French or bilingual. Flames and texts are engraved and filled with special paint proven for its durability.

Surface Mounted

The SCHAEFER buttons and indicators as well as most of the common used displays or keyswitches fit into the hallstations – no wall cutting required. For a reduced risk of vandalism the frontplate is attached with hidden screws.
Our standard sizes are:

Width: 130 mm
Depth: 33 mm
Length: 478 mm, 644 mm, 700 mm, 750 mm

Of course we can manufacture the hallstations in all sizes.

Flush Mounted

SCHAEFER recommends a flat front panel for new builds.
Our flush mount front plates are attached to a closed metal box, offering additional protection for the elements.
Choice with or without bb.
Our standard dimensions are:

for intermediate and terminal:
254 x 101.5mm (10 x 4 inches)

for main:
700 x 130mm ( 27.56 x 5.12 inches)

Depth behind the wall: 50.8 mm (2 inches)

Of course we can manufacture the Hallstations in all sizes.

Surface Mounted

Flush Mounted

Indicator Fixtures 

PI / Lanterns / PI-Lantern Combo:

Our portfolio includes various options as flush or surface mounted versions, with standard or vandal arrows – perfectly matching the requirements on site. Vintage style pointer indicators as well as modern glass options are available to accomplish the unique style of your project. Besides the indicated standard sizes SCHAEFER will do customized solutions throughout.

Surface Mounted

For modernization or new builds, surface mounted Hall lanterns are available.
Hall Lanterns can cover existing breakthroughs. Holes must be drilled to attach the unit anf for cables. These holes can be drilled off the backplate.
Our standards are:

Width: 130 mm
Depth: 33 mm
Length: 364 mm, 476 mm, 644 mm, 700 mm

Of course we can manufacture the Hall lanterns in all sizes.

When attaching the front plate, the screw is hidden to reduce vandalism.

PI-Lantern combo
standard dimension surface mount: 
644 x 130 mm (25.35 x 5.12 inches) incl. chime

750 x 130 mm (29.56 x 5.12 inches) incl. chime, engraving of car #

Flush Mounted 

standard dimension:
476 x 130 mm (18.74 x 5.12 inches)

standard dimensions:
300 x 130 mm (11.81 x 5.12 inches)

CDI - standard / vandal arrows
279.4 x 101.65 mm (11 x 4 inches) with LP8080, no chime
245 x 62 mm (9.65 x 2.44 inches) with LP6448, with chime

PI-Lantern combo
vandal / standard arrows
standard dimension flush mount: 
644 x 130 mm (25.35 x 5.12 inches)

For pointer indicators (vintage style) and glass line, have a look in the respective section and the dedicated brochures.

Of course we can manufacture the Halllanterns in all sizes.

Surface Mounted

Flush Mounted

Position Indicators 

Used to help elevator passengers understand which floor they are at, position indicators take the form of illuminations, directional arrows and/or acoustics. SCHAEFERs complete line of position indicators offers both practical application, aesthetic variety and innovative design.

Indicator Series

The Indicator Series is made with high quality safety glass and engraved characters which are illuminated from the front edge using LED lighting and embedded in a
filigree 20 mm high fine ground stainless steel bracket.

Along with this series SCHAEFER also supplies position indicators with white LEDs for optional background lighting and a second light colour of your choice.

Directional Display Arrows

SCHAEFER offers a variety of directional arrows which can be run from 30V to 120V. White LEDs are used and colours are achieved through the use of foils.

Modern meets antique – Vintage style Indicators

The directional arrows can be installed in SCHAEFER’s cast brass series, providing many design options and making it possible to create a “retro” look.


SCHAEFER Car Operating Panels offer flexible installation, superior quality and easy maintenance. Our standard sizes on hinge and screw mount COPs are 1540 x 350 mm or 1540 x 320mm. But SCHAEFER is flexible on that – just name us the dimensions you need the COP to be and we provide you with the customized solution. Choose the model that meets your requirements best.

Hinge Mount

  • Standard 1 with hinges
  • Dimensions: 1540 x 350 or 1540 x 320 or 1540 x 254
  • Other sizes available on request

Screw Mount 

  • Standard 3 Screw mount
  • Dimension: Width: 350 length with your Cabin
  • Faceplate fixing with screws
  • COP-Panel mounting by means of mounting elements
  • Flush with cabin wall

Hinge Mount

Glass COPs – UNIQUE Design

Glass takes the freedom of design to the next level: a variety of Styles and further components can be integrated in faceplates of any size or colour. Various options and more technical possibilities make Glass fixtures especially versatile and ideal in satisfying the highest creative demands.

FEO Boxes

SCHAEFER provides FEO boxes for all COPs where needed. Those are code compliant and are available for front or front/rear opening cars. Markings are available in English, French or bilingual.


Service Boxes 

SCHAEFER service boxes are code compliant and can be individually equipped with toggle switches, keyswitches, volume knob, GFCI, dimmer switch and USB socket. Markings are available in English, French or bilingual.