SCHAEFER Canada is proud to offer a number of convenient services for our customers, including:

  • Engravings and laser marking services
  • Prewiring and dielectric testing according to CSA requirements
  • Mounting Tools
  • Cleaning tips
  • Installation and maintenance tips

Laser Engraving and Marking Services

SCHAEFER can engrave and laser mark utilizing modern CNC machines.
We can also engrave your company-logo on panels.


We deliver ready-to install and controller specifically tested fixtures for your elevator control system. These can be installed in a plug-and-play style on site. Our buttons, indicators and illuminated arrows can easily be integrated in the infrastructure.

Pre-wiring, i. a. for control systems of smartrise, GAL, MCE, EC, JRT.

Mounting Tools

Tools for Style 42 (RT 42, VB 42), Style 45 Q/R (B 45 Q/R) and Style 50 (B 50 Q/R)



Cleaning Tips

SCHAEFER products are easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Clean panels only with mild detergents without aggressive additives. Make sure that no cleaning agent gets inside the panels or components (especially when using liquid detergents and sprays).
  2. For the built-in control panels, a combination of stainless steel and plastic / PLEXIGLAS®, it is usually sufficient to wipe with a damp cloth and polish with a microfibre cloth. However, if you believe you need a cleaning agent, you should pay attention to the following:
  • Do not use cleaning concentrates, disinfectant concentrates or solvents such as acetone, nitro thinner, tri-thinner in general, vinegar cleaner, alcohol, stain water, adhesives, sealants, silicone oil, scouring detergent.
  • Use only detergents with a medium pH between 6 and 8 or mild alkaline cleaners. Do not use acidic and chlorine containing cleaning agents.
  • Commercially available cleaners can be used. We recommend a stainless steel care spray for all stainless steel and aluminum surfaces as well as for glass and plastics. Although the use on plastic / PLEXIGLAS® is harmless, it can produce a lubricating film.


Installation and Maintenance Tips

SCHAEFER panels and components are intended for installation in elevators. The commissioning of these products may only take place if the system in which they are to be installed complies with the relevant regulations and guidelines.

For all technical details such as installation dimensions, maximum values ​​for operating voltage and current, please refer to the data sheets on our website, the product labels or the data sheets supplied with the panels and components on delivery.

  • Always wear protective gloves when mounting or handling these panels.
  • Always close open panels carefully after completing their work.
  • Store and transport panels and parts so that they cannot fall over.
  • When mounting and working on the panels, ensure a safe working surface without tripping hazards in front of the panels. Install all the panels so that the front panels are flush with the surface behind.
  • Only carry out all work on the panels when the system is de-energized.

The panels and the built-in components are not protected in the standard version against moisture penetration. Protect these panels and especially the built-in components from moisture. Always store these panels in a dry place. Avoid the formation of condensation due to extreme temperature differences. When cleaning, make sure that no water or other liquids get inside the panel.