Exclusive Elevator Indicators

GlassLine Indicators

Bouton anti-vandalisme VB 42 / VB 42 M

Bouton anti-vandalisme VB 42 Class 3+

Round button RT 42

Elliptical button EB 42

Mid-size button B 45 R/Q

Homelift button MT 42

Formulaire RFQ

RFQ Form

COP Installation with use of template cut-out and back box mounting brackets

Fiche technique

Flush mounting Hall Lanterns

FEO Cabinet

Service Cabinet for COPs


Key Switch KS 42 / KS 45

Locks for Cabinets and COPs

Toggle Switches

Mounting Toos


Screw mount COP Dimension

Hinge mount COP 254x1540 mm Dimension

Hinge mount COP 320x1540 mm Dimension

Hinge mount COP 350x1540 mm Dimension