SCHAEFER has a long and proud history of more than 50 years, envisioning, innovating and manufacturing fixtures for the elevator and escalator industry. Our products are practical, durable, beautifully designed and easy to install, maintain and replace.

SCHAEFER is a global elevator and escalator fixtures leader with installations ranging from simple projects to highly complex public projects, located on all continents.

In Canada, we draw on our international expertise and are also set up locally to manufacture our panels using laser cutting machinery and CNC machines to create custom faceplates direct from stainless sheet metal and other modern materials. Our expertise plus our local set up makes us a quick and flexible fixtures partner for your Canadian installations.


COP Datasheets

Need measurements, details and templates? This is your resource centre.



For both modernizations and new builds, SCHAEFER offers hallstations that can be surface or flush mounted.


Hall Lanterns

For both modernizations and new builds, SCHAEFER offers hall lanterns that can be surface or flush mounted.



We manufacture faceplates in a wide range of materials including many stainless steel types and finishes, glass, acrylic, lightweight stone, brass and aluminum.



Get inspired – view some of the imaginative and innovative fixtures created by SCHAEFER and installed world-wide.