Position Indicators

Used to help elevator passengers understand which floor they are at, position indicators take the form of illuminations, directional arrows and/or acoustics. SCHAEFERs complete line of position indicators offers both practical application, aesthetic variety and innovative design.

Indicator Series

The Indicator Series is made with high quality safety glass and engraved characters which are illuminated from the front edge using LED lighting and embedded in a filigree 20 mm high fine ground stainless steel bracket.

Along with this series SCHAEFER also supplies position indicators with white LEDs for optional background lighting and a second light colour of your choice.

Directional Display Arrows

SCHAEFER offers a variety of directional arrows which can be run from 30V to 120V. White LEDs are used and colours are achieved through the use of foils.

The directional arrows can be installed in SCHAEFER’s cast brass series, providing many design options and making it possible to create a “retro” look.

Modern meets antique

Please download:

Arrrows Datasheet PDF