Switches and locks

Key Switches

Our key switches are available in pushbutton styles 42 Q, R, E and Style 45 Q and R.

The key switches can be easily installed without welding studs and have the same cutout as the pushbuttons, making it easy to replace a button with a key switch.
They provide reliable performance in all types of elevator environments – from residential to commercial, in hospitals, hotels and transit stations.
The visible cover is available in black and red where red is used for all emergency applications.
A stainless steel plate marked with a laser is inserted into the covers.

Locks for Cabinets and COPs

In keeping with code requirements for passenger security and emergency first responder access, SCHAEFER Canada offers a series of compliant locks that are of the highest quality.

All our locks are quickly and easily installed with a spacer and nut (no studs required).

Toggle Switches

Ideal solution for service and FEO cabinets – many functions for elevators can be controlled by a toggle switch. The labelling is done by laser and/or engraving as per specification.