SCHAEFER worldwide is a specialist of elevator control operating panels (COP) and all the components that make up the panels. With 55+ years of leadership and innovation in this industry, and an impressive list of international installations, we have the expertise and experience to deliver all types of COPs and components for everything from standard elevators to commercial, high rise, or specialty installations.

SCHAEFER Canada offers intelligent solutions with flexible options, competitive pricing and quick turn around times. Please ask for a quote for your next COP or pushbutton project!




Surface Mounted Hallstations
Flush Mounted Hallstations


Indicator fixtures

Surface Mounted Indicator Fixtures

Flush Mounted Indicator Fixtures

Position Indicators

Directional Display Arrows

Vintage style Indicators



Hinge Mount COP

Screw Mount COP

FEO Boxes

Service Boxes


Buttons & Tactiles


VB 42 / VB 42 M

VB 42 Class 3+

RT 42

B 50

B 45

EB 42

MT 42

Switches and Locks

Key Switches

Locks for Cabinets and COPs

Toggle Switches

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