EB 42 NA / ED 42 NA

This unique elliptical shaped pushbutton (61.2mm x 33.2mm cutout) uses a snap ring to fix it to the faceplate. It is beautifully designed for elevators that require more than just a plain pushbutton. Multi volt and bicolour are standard features enabling 64 colour combinations. These buttons are also quick and easy to adjust or change onsite using a small screwdriver.

  • Studless fixing (snap ring)
  • Elegant elliptical design
  • Multi-Volt LEDs
  • Bicolor (standard) / Color is on-site changeable
  • 2 contacts (standard)
  • Faceplate thickness: 0.059 – 0.354″/1.5 – 9 mm
  • Surrounding air temperature: 0 – 55 °C/ 32 – 131 °F

Pushbutton EB 42 bicolor NA
with polished chrome housing rim

Indicator ED 42 NA
with symbol


Multi-Color LEDs – Color is on-site changeable