MT 42 NA / MA 42 NA

Square, handy and classic

The MT 42 offers multi-volt LEDs and is easy to install with a clip. Suitable for any type of elevator, it’s particularly popular for homelift applications. 

  • This is what characterises the button type MT 42 excellently.
  • Thanks to its square shape it perfectly suits any lift and adds to a classy impression.
  • Studless fixing (clip fixing)
  • Perfect for Homelift-Application
  • Multi-Volt LEDs
  • Bicolor available
  • Faceplate thickness: 0.079 – 0.118″/2 – 3 mm
  • Surrounding air temperature: +55 °C/+131 °F


Pushbutton MT 42 NA

Indicator MA 42 NA