Indicator fixtures

PI / Lanterns / PI-Lantern Combo:

Our portfolio includes various options as flush or surface mounted versions, with standard or vandal arrows – perfectly matching the requirements on site. Vintage style pointer indicators as well as modern glass options are available to accomplish the unique style of your project.
Besides the indicated standard sizes SCHAEFER will do customized solutions throughout.

Surface Mounted

For modernization or new builds, surface mounted Hall lanterns are available.
Hall Lanterns can cover existing breakthroughs. Holes must be drilled to attach the unit anf for cables. These holes can be drilled off the backplate.
Our standards are:

  • Width: 130 mm
  • Depth: 33 mm
  • Length: 364 mm, 476 mm, 644 mm, 700 mm

Of course we can manufacture the Hall lanterns in all sizes.

When attaching the front plate, the screw is hidden to reduce vandalism.

Flush Mounted

For new builds, SCHAEFER recommends a flat front panel..
Narrow front panels (at least 62 mm) can be attached with a metal bracket.
The bracket provides protection from the elements and pre-wiring in the mounting shaft.

Wide front plates (min. 110 mm) can be attached to the wall with a closed metal box, offering complete protection.

In the wall a breakthrough is created for sheet the sheet metal bracket/metal box created, four cuts are made for the attachment of the sheet metal bar/sheet metal box. With another two / four holes the front panel is screwed to the sheet metal bracket / sheet metal box. Various screws are available.

Our standards are:

  • Width: 62 mm, 110 mm
  • Depth: 56 mm, 46 mm
  • Length: 364 mm, 476 mm, 644 mm, 700 mm

Of course we can manufacture the Halllanterns in all sizes.