SCHAEFER Canada manufactures faceplates to your specifications in a wide range of finishes including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Gramablend (Lightweight Stone)
  • Glass

Stainless Steel

Our standard material is stainless T303 #4, however we can work with any other stainless steel type as well, for example coloured stainless steel with TiN. Just ask us about your next project and we can probably make it happen!

  • Stainless steel V2A, TiN-coating (gold-coloured) available matte, hairline, polished
  • Brass (copper-zinc alloy) available polished or brushed
  • Textured Stainless Steel V2A available with squares, diamonds, linen, sanded, leather, brushed
  • Coloured faceplates available in flat, powdercoated shades or with textured finishes including wood/root-like, cherry tree, oak tree or marble like finish all on stainless

Please download this PDF to view our range of stainless steel materials and finishes.




Beautiful and decorative, Gramablend is lightweight stone. Available in a wide range of colours and textures, Gramablend will make your next elevator fixture design stand out.


Contemporary and flexible, SCHAEFER glass finishes offer design versatility and practical, easy installation and maintenance. Custom graphics can be imprinted on panels and lighting can be used to create special effects and accents.