SCHAEFER Elevator Components has truly thought about how pushbuttons are used in different situations with varying requirements of aesthetics, strengths, vandal resistance, tactile and lighting options. Whether for modernizations or new installations, you can count on SCHAEFER to provide reliable and innovative elevator buttons. For over 55 years SCHAEFER has been delivering high quality and innovative pushbutton solutions and we are well positioned to continue to work with our customers for many years to come.

Studless fixing is standard on all SCHAEFER pushbuttons making for quicker installation. With further options such as Multi-Volt, Multi-Colour LEDs and on-site colour changeability, we offer exceptional versatility for our customers. Whether you are looking for general applications, vandal resistance or design elegance, the SCHAEFER Canada line of buttons offers a solution for you.

RT 42

No studs are needed to install this pushbutton designed for a 32.5 mm cutout. This button can be used in multi volt applications with standard LED unicolour choices and with the added advantage of bi-colour as an available option.

B 45

A very popular midsized pushbutton fitting a 41.3mm cutout, the B 45 is fixed to the faceplate using a spacer and nut (no studs required). This button comes standard with multi volt and multi-colour options and the LED colours can quickly and easily be changed on site with a small screwdriver.

EB 42

This unique elliptical shaped pushbutton (61.2mm x 33.2mm cutout) uses a snap ring to fix it to the faceplate (no studs required). It is beautifully designed for elevators that require more than just a plain pushbutton. Multi volt and bicolour are standard features enabling 64 colour combinations. These buttons are also quick and easy to adjust or change onsite using a small screwdriver.

VB 42

This pushbutton features vandal resistance as rated by EN 81-72 Class 2, which provides protection from water, dust and impact. The unibody collar and fixing ring ensures that this is ideally suited to high traffic, public and commercial elevators where abuse can occur. VB 42 offers 5 standard colours of choice and is limited to 30 volts. This pushbutton uses a cutout of 32.5 and is fixed with a plastic nut, no studs required.

B 50

New! After many requests we are proud to offer the B 50 Jumbo 50mm class 2 vandal resistant pushbutton. This pushbutton is ideally suited where  high visibility and ease of use is demanded – excellent examples of applications include assisted living residences, hospitals, transit stations etc. The B 50 is limited to 30 Volts and is fixed with a spacer and plastic nut, no studs required.

Optional features such as water and vandalism protection are available in either Class 1 or 2 according to EN 81-71 or the ultra strong B 50 Class 3 + (internal  rating) which is used on Deutsche Bahn, German National Railway.

MT 42 | MA 42

Square, handy and classic, the MT 42 offers multi-volt LEDs and is easy to install with a clip (no studs required). Suitable for any type of elevator, it’s particularly popular for homelift applications.



SCHAEFER tactile labels comply with ADA standards and feature high contrast, large identifications. Round, sqauare and elliptical shapes are available and for round buttons, SCHAEFER also offers a form fish tag.

For alarm and phone buttons we provide collars so as to provide additional protection from unintentional body contact.