Schaefer conceptualizes, designs, engineers and manufactures all of their buttons. As a market leader in pushbutton technology for more than 50 years, Schaefer continues to innovate new, practical and well-designed key switches, locks and emergency communications panels that look great, are easy to use, easy to install and easy to replace.

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Key Switches

Our complete line of key switches has been installed by some of the world’s most demanding clients including hospitals, hotels and transit companies.

Easy to install with a spacer and nut (no studs required) SCHAEFFER key switches look great and provide reliable performance in all types of elevator environments.

Our key switches are available in pushbutton styles 42 Q, R, E and Style 45 Q and R.

The key switches can be attached without welding studs and have the same cutout as the pushbuttons, making it easy to replace a button with a key switch.

The visible cover is available in black and red where red is used for all FEO applications.
A stainless steel plate marked with a laser is inserted into the covers.

Locks for Cabinets and COPs

In keeping with code requirements for passenger security and emergency first responder access, SCHAEFER Canada offers a series of compliant locks that are of the highest quality, are easy to install and easy to use.

We offer a central lock for COP, central lock for service cabinet and a central lock for the FEO Cabinet. All our locks are quickly and easily installed with a spacer and nut (no studs required).

Toggle Switches

Ideal for service cabinets and FEO cabinets, toggle switches can run some test functions for elevators. They can be labeled and replaced.