Press review

SCHAEFER Names Gilbert Eastern Canada Sales Representative

Elevator World, Jun 2022

Schaefer North America recently welcomed James Gilbert as its Eastern Canada sales representative. Fluent in English and Quebecois, Gilbert attended the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association (CECA) convention in Montreal on May 30-June 2 to meet existing and potential customers and industry members. (...)

Ross Watson

Elevator World, Jun 2021

Over the years, Ross Watson sat on various code and industry safety committees. As part of the advisory board for OSHA´s Work Safe initiative, he helped develop fall protection standards, an effort he said was extremely challenging, but also extremely rewarding. Of his current job and employer, which he joined in 2018, he says: "It is truly a pleasure to share my knowledge with a dedicated team as we grow the business."

Company Spotlight:
SCHAEFER Elevator Components

Elevator World,  Sep 2017

SCHAEFER Elevator Components Inc. is the Canadian segment of SCHAEFER International. Headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, it is part of the larger SCHAEFER GmbH founded in 1964 by Wolfgang Schaefer. The Canadian branch has been selling the company’s push buttons and fixtures since it opened in 2012. It has recently begun manufacturing its products in Canada. (...)


Project of the year

Elevator World, 2016

... Schaefer was chosen due to the robustness of its RB 42 option and their willingness to customize their options for our design requirements.The glass for the car station was back painted a pure white and cut for the alarm button, key switch and stop switch. Schaefer was able to accommodate a wider layout of the car station for our logo, and the glass touch buttons and additional components were placed for a simple and elegant result.Attachment of the car station to the car glass panel was accomplished with a stainless-steel plate to which the car-station back box was affixed. The car-station glass faceplate would protrude in an adjustable manner to be flush with the front of the car glass panel. (...)