B 45 NA / D 45 NA 


The pushbuttons and indicators B 45/D 45 are midway between the larger Style 50 and the somewhat smaller elements of the Style 42, links the two together and enhances the portfolio of buttons and indicators with options in a new size. A product range to satisfy those who found B 50 too bulky and standard sizes too inconspicuous, and for which quality, versatility and individuality remained the top priorities.

The pushbuttons B 45 IX NA and indicators D 45 IX NA have a large screw terminal and are available as multivolt versions 12 – 120 V DC/30 – 120 V AC with expanded voltage range or 6 V DC. As a result, they are above all suitable for unproblematic exchange in service operation and for use in modernisation. An LED color selector is available to set the luminous color.

  • Popular mid-sized pushbutton and indicator series fitting a 41.3 mm [1.626″] cutout
  • Pushbuttons with two contacts (SPST (NO) and SPDT)
  • Multi-Volt /Multi-Color LEDs
  • Color of acknowledgement lighting changeable on site via color selector
  • Studless mounting via plastic nut


Pushbutton B 45 R NA

Pushbutton B 45 Q NA

Indicator D 45 Q NA


Multi-Color LEDs – Color is on-site changeable



Mid-size button B 45 R/Q